Saturday, February 04, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Now, admittedly, I did not post anything this week, but I tried to this morning and it got zapped somewhere else and I can't seem to locate it and make it post here properly.

The general gist was this - I was sorry I missed a whole week of posting. I went to NYC for a business trip, and then Connor was sick, culminating in a late night visit to the ER thanks to a very, very high fever. Fever is gone now, but I did have the joy of working on Friday with 3.5 hours of sleep. Just like the old days, with the band. Except with the band I would get such a small amount of sleep because I was out with friends, doing my favorite thing, and getting adoration AND cash. Not quite the same at the ER.

Now, hopefully this will post. And with no business trips - or ER trips - on the horizon, you can expect great things from me!


meeegan said...

How's his temp now? Is he a cool little cat once again?

Colleen said...

totally regular - 98.7!