Thursday, July 05, 2007

Monday, July 02, 2007

Daddy graduated, and I left school!

Believe it or not, my Daddy graduated and now he's an MBA!! It was really fun to go to Chapel Hill for graduation. Almost everyone I'm related to was there - Nana and Poppy, Aunt Kim, Uncle Brian, my cousins, and that's just Daddy's side! Then there were Granny & Pop-pop, Aunt Erin, Aunt Shannon & Uncle Todd, and of course Mommy and Drew, too. We went to a Japanese Steakhouse for dinner one night - that was FUN!!

That'e Mommy, me and Aunt Shannon at graduation. I did really well during the ceremony, and Daddy went right past us as they processed in. It was pretty cool!

Then school ended a little over a week ago. Mommy took some pictures of me with my classmates, but they are still on the camera. She'll send them out later.

Here's me with my Aunt Kim (and some cousins - Jack & Mac!)

We just had Daddy's graduation party, too. I'll post on that soon!