Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Late breaking news...

Well, we don't really have any, as everyone knows that (1) it's crazy hot outside and (2) things are relatively normal, for us. Last week, Connor tried to take a step forward, literally, which was a new thing. I haven't seen him replicate that yet, but I know he will keep trying. He will roll to both the left and the right now as well when on his bed. but since he was only rolling to his right, and only in his bed at first, and now he's rolling to his right all over the place, we figure it's only a little while before it's left, right, left, right... everywhere!

Connor has also left the wilds of daycare behind, and is now staying at home with our nanny, Christina. We decided we had to go that route because of Connor's school schedule coming up, and found a wonderful woman who has many, many years of experience, and seems to love Connor a lot already! It's certainly an adjustment for me (Colleen, the control-freak in the relationship) but I think I'm doing okay, esp. at this late stage of the pregnancy.

Speaking of that, everything seems to be moving along swimmingly in that regard. I am in my 30th week, which means less than 10 to go! I am commonly mistaken for a woman only 6 months pregnant, which is totally okay with me! And my friend Anne will welcome her second in only a few days time!!! Her daughter (Connor's betrothed) Olivia was born the day after Connor - how her son will be a few months older than our second!

I've also included a photo of Connor that we recently uncovered that was too cute to keep to ourselves - enjoy!