Monday, February 27, 2006

Waiting Rooms

We spent a while this morning in the waiting room at Connor's neurologist. I don't look forward to these appointments as it is, but 45 minutes in the waiting room and I was pretty annoyed. However, once we were in, it went pretty well. We found out that the episodes we mentioned back in December/January aren't what we hoped - they are partial seizure behavior. For us, it's better to know - and do what we can to take care of that. Connor's had a really good month, only a few episodes, and he's been very happy and working very hard at therapy. So it was disappointing but not too surprising. Then the doctor told us how pleased he was to see Connor looking and, from what we told him, working so well. We were happy with "pleased" as it now sets a new high for enthusiasm from Dr. McClintock. Connor, of course, was full of vim and vigor at the doctor's, and then promptly fell asleep on the way in to day care. Anyway, that's the news, and I wanted to get it up on the blog as soon as I could. I'd say 3 hours is pretty good turnaround time for me!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I know it sounds crazy but it is time for us to start looking into the county-sponsored preschool programming for special needs children. We've had some meetings, and next week we get to go see one of the 2-year-old classrooms. It's very exciting - I've heard from some people that the transition into the classroom has changed their child's life (and usually, for the better) so we are hopeful that being in real school will make Connor's development continue! He'll even ride the school bus every day. I'm still nervous about it, but am "on board" per se since basically I don't have much choice anyway.

Now that we've started this process, it means two very significant changes for Connor. Change one, of course, is that he'll be in school and not in daycare, and the wonderful people at his daycare are very unhappy about this. It's nice to know that he will be missed. While the program isn't a full day, we're researching other care options (daycare closer to home, in-home care) for the second half of his days as the school bus will only take him back home or to another facility in the county, which his current daycare is not. The second is that he will no longer be working exclusively with his current therapists, Megan and Kristy. Lee thinks that they will find "replacement Connors" in their roster of kiddos. I know that is not the case. I expect that they will be at Connor's graduations, Connor's birthday parties, and Connor's wedding way off in the future. If he's lucky, one of them will wait for him ;)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Connor's first blizzard

So if the biggest news in your weekend actually WAS that the vice president SHOT another man accidentally over the weekend while hunting, you may have missed the large snowstorm that covered Virginia to Maine this weekend. We had a LOT of fun with Connor this weekend. For Christmas, we bought him a special sled that would work for him, and hadn't been able to use it until now! Well, Lee spent quite a while on Saturday night inflating it. While he was doing that, I fed Connor his dinner and started singing "Let it Snow" which, in fact, it had been doing for hours at this point. I know it's a Christmas carol, although it never mentions Christmas in the first verse, which is all I sang to Connor. Mainly because I started singing to him and he treated me to a HUGE smile. It was gorgeous, and hilarious. Gorgeous because he is. Hilarious because he had a big spoonful of sweet potaotes at the time, and when he smiled, I got an orange-slice-smile, basically. You remember those, right? When you'd put an orange quarter (or one-sixth) and fit your teeth into the orange pulp against the rind and then grin? That's it, but with sweet potato. It was great.
In any case, then it was Sunday morning, and the snow had pretty much stopped, about 14 inches or so in. We bundled Connor up and then took him out and put him in the sled - he sat PERFECTLY in it! Unfortunately, as we started to pull him in it, it tipped over (no rollover bars on this bad boy) and Connor faceplanted into the snow. You can imagine his feelings about that. We calmed him down and changed our approach. Unfortunately, that didn't work so well, either. You can see why on the video...which we will post as soon as we get our computer working again. We had what Lee is calling a "total hardware failure" on Monday. Very not good. Movie to follow.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm TWO!!!!!!!

Here's me and my birthday cake yesterday!

I loved being sung to - thanks to Aunt Erin, godparents Jon and Kelly, and of course, Mommy and Daddy!

Mmmmmmm - pound cake!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

D-Day Approaches

Thursday will be a good day. Thursday there will be cake and celebration as Connor turns 2! Connor's godparents Jon & Kelly Discount will be here to celebrate with us, along with Aunt Erin. Connor will have to work for that cake, though, since Miss Kristy and Miss Megan will be here to give him his therapy. In preparation, Connor worked out today with his daddy, sitting up on the floor (a little bit on his own, but also with some assistance) and rolling from belly to back on both sides! We started using a new toy last week, but the ER incident kept us from incorporating it more over the weekend. I'll take some pictures of him using it with his therapists this week and post them here.

More on Thursday. For now...bedtime!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Now, admittedly, I did not post anything this week, but I tried to this morning and it got zapped somewhere else and I can't seem to locate it and make it post here properly.

The general gist was this - I was sorry I missed a whole week of posting. I went to NYC for a business trip, and then Connor was sick, culminating in a late night visit to the ER thanks to a very, very high fever. Fever is gone now, but I did have the joy of working on Friday with 3.5 hours of sleep. Just like the old days, with the band. Except with the band I would get such a small amount of sleep because I was out with friends, doing my favorite thing, and getting adoration AND cash. Not quite the same at the ER.

Now, hopefully this will post. And with no business trips - or ER trips - on the horizon, you can expect great things from me!