Thursday, February 23, 2006


I know it sounds crazy but it is time for us to start looking into the county-sponsored preschool programming for special needs children. We've had some meetings, and next week we get to go see one of the 2-year-old classrooms. It's very exciting - I've heard from some people that the transition into the classroom has changed their child's life (and usually, for the better) so we are hopeful that being in real school will make Connor's development continue! He'll even ride the school bus every day. I'm still nervous about it, but am "on board" per se since basically I don't have much choice anyway.

Now that we've started this process, it means two very significant changes for Connor. Change one, of course, is that he'll be in school and not in daycare, and the wonderful people at his daycare are very unhappy about this. It's nice to know that he will be missed. While the program isn't a full day, we're researching other care options (daycare closer to home, in-home care) for the second half of his days as the school bus will only take him back home or to another facility in the county, which his current daycare is not. The second is that he will no longer be working exclusively with his current therapists, Megan and Kristy. Lee thinks that they will find "replacement Connors" in their roster of kiddos. I know that is not the case. I expect that they will be at Connor's graduations, Connor's birthday parties, and Connor's wedding way off in the future. If he's lucky, one of them will wait for him ;)


meeegan said...

Wow, preschool! I remember nursery school a little, but I was older than Connor when I went -- just one year before kindergarten. It was the Presbyterian Day School in Orange, TX. I think Erin might have gone there too.

Colleen said...

Well, I skipped out on preschool 'cause Mom didn't like my options at the time, from my vague recollection. So he'll make up for my lack of preschooling.