Monday, February 13, 2006

Connor's first blizzard

So if the biggest news in your weekend actually WAS that the vice president SHOT another man accidentally over the weekend while hunting, you may have missed the large snowstorm that covered Virginia to Maine this weekend. We had a LOT of fun with Connor this weekend. For Christmas, we bought him a special sled that would work for him, and hadn't been able to use it until now! Well, Lee spent quite a while on Saturday night inflating it. While he was doing that, I fed Connor his dinner and started singing "Let it Snow" which, in fact, it had been doing for hours at this point. I know it's a Christmas carol, although it never mentions Christmas in the first verse, which is all I sang to Connor. Mainly because I started singing to him and he treated me to a HUGE smile. It was gorgeous, and hilarious. Gorgeous because he is. Hilarious because he had a big spoonful of sweet potaotes at the time, and when he smiled, I got an orange-slice-smile, basically. You remember those, right? When you'd put an orange quarter (or one-sixth) and fit your teeth into the orange pulp against the rind and then grin? That's it, but with sweet potato. It was great.
In any case, then it was Sunday morning, and the snow had pretty much stopped, about 14 inches or so in. We bundled Connor up and then took him out and put him in the sled - he sat PERFECTLY in it! Unfortunately, as we started to pull him in it, it tipped over (no rollover bars on this bad boy) and Connor faceplanted into the snow. You can imagine his feelings about that. We calmed him down and changed our approach. Unfortunately, that didn't work so well, either. You can see why on the video...which we will post as soon as we get our computer working again. We had what Lee is calling a "total hardware failure" on Monday. Very not good. Movie to follow.


KARCHAMB said...

Congrats on the smiles -- after seeing Lee making him giggle on New Year's, I can picture him perfectly! Looking forward to seeing the video of the snow...

meeegan said...

Who on earth could manage to suppress a huge smile when you start singing?

I hope the THF has been conquered, so that we can see the snow movie soon.