Tuesday, February 07, 2006

D-Day Approaches

Thursday will be a good day. Thursday there will be cake and celebration as Connor turns 2! Connor's godparents Jon & Kelly Discount will be here to celebrate with us, along with Aunt Erin. Connor will have to work for that cake, though, since Miss Kristy and Miss Megan will be here to give him his therapy. In preparation, Connor worked out today with his daddy, sitting up on the floor (a little bit on his own, but also with some assistance) and rolling from belly to back on both sides! We started using a new toy last week, but the ER incident kept us from incorporating it more over the weekend. I'll take some pictures of him using it with his therapists this week and post them here.

More on Thursday. For now...bedtime!


meeegan said...

Keep up the good work, pre-birthday boy!
Auntie Megan

Rich said...

Happy birthday, Connor!


Tripp Hudgins said...

Happy Birthday, Connor!!!

Colleen said...

Thanks, gentle University of Richmond folks! Connor had cake, and friends, and family on his birthday. It was wonderful. :)