Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Been a while...

Hey guys -it's been a very busy month. I had surgery on my eyes to help straighten then, and in a few hours I have to go back to the doctor to make sure they are okay. I was great for the surgery - only a little cranky afterwards. It's amazinf that I had surgery on both my eyes and went home 2 hours later!!!

Anyway, my brother keeps getting bigger. He's a monster-weed! He's started smiling at everyone lately, trying to get in their good graces. Whatever - I'm the favorite!

Mommy will have to go abck to work soon and I'll have to share Christy with Drew. I hope he knows how to share? I am learning all about sharing at school, where I am still a star pupil. We go to the library on Mondays and I get to bring a book home every week now! Very, very cool. Mommy and I read the books every night before bed, and it's cool because with my new eyes I may be able to see better, and the pictures will make more sense. I've also started using more consonant sounds - "j", "g", "n" and "b" have all made appearances lately. I guess I am trying to say Jug or Nub. Or Jag or Nab. Or...you get the picture!!