Thursday, May 17, 2007

long time...bad Mommy!

Sorry - it's been a terrible time for Mommy! She had to work all by herself for almost 6 weeks at work, and it was really hard on her. She was cranky at home a LOT. Now she has a new friend, Ms. Stephanie, who is there to help, so she's in a better mood. Just in time - Daddy is on a trip for a l-o-n-g time and it's just us for the next few days.

I've still been doing lots of good stuff at school, and I am going to keep getting my school services over the summer so I can keep going. I also saw my eye doctor and my brain doctor recently, and they were both very pleased with how I was looking (and also, how I was looking! Bah-dump-dum!)

Here's a recent photo of me working on my sitting. I'm still working hard at sitting by myself! Check out my awesome shoes, courtesy of Aunt Shannon & Uncle Todd!
Mommy had a dream this weekend where I was standing all by myself. I can't wait until we can post that photo when it's not a dream anymore. I am tired of sitting all the time...