Thursday, May 17, 2007

long time...bad Mommy!

Sorry - it's been a terrible time for Mommy! She had to work all by herself for almost 6 weeks at work, and it was really hard on her. She was cranky at home a LOT. Now she has a new friend, Ms. Stephanie, who is there to help, so she's in a better mood. Just in time - Daddy is on a trip for a l-o-n-g time and it's just us for the next few days.

I've still been doing lots of good stuff at school, and I am going to keep getting my school services over the summer so I can keep going. I also saw my eye doctor and my brain doctor recently, and they were both very pleased with how I was looking (and also, how I was looking! Bah-dump-dum!)

Here's a recent photo of me working on my sitting. I'm still working hard at sitting by myself! Check out my awesome shoes, courtesy of Aunt Shannon & Uncle Todd!
Mommy had a dream this weekend where I was standing all by myself. I can't wait until we can post that photo when it's not a dream anymore. I am tired of sitting all the time...

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Rachael Dischner said...

Its ok Connor, Mommy forgot to email that great Picture to Ms. Rachael so that she could share the great picture with all of your therapists at school too! I'll just have to direct them to the website! You are definitely looking great!