Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Been a while...

Hey guys -it's been a very busy month. I had surgery on my eyes to help straighten then, and in a few hours I have to go back to the doctor to make sure they are okay. I was great for the surgery - only a little cranky afterwards. It's amazinf that I had surgery on both my eyes and went home 2 hours later!!!

Anyway, my brother keeps getting bigger. He's a monster-weed! He's started smiling at everyone lately, trying to get in their good graces. Whatever - I'm the favorite!

Mommy will have to go abck to work soon and I'll have to share Christy with Drew. I hope he knows how to share? I am learning all about sharing at school, where I am still a star pupil. We go to the library on Mondays and I get to bring a book home every week now! Very, very cool. Mommy and I read the books every night before bed, and it's cool because with my new eyes I may be able to see better, and the pictures will make more sense. I've also started using more consonant sounds - "j", "g", "n" and "b" have all made appearances lately. I guess I am trying to say Jug or Nub. Or Jag or Nab. Or...you get the picture!!


meeegan said...

Those are excellent consonants to add to your vocabulary! I can't wait to hear them when I visit you next week.

Auntie Megan

p.s. Of course you are the favorite... we just have to keep it a secret from your little brother, so he won't feel bad!

bea said...

glad to hear the eye surgery went well. hope you and your mom, dad, bro and puppy are all doing well!