Monday, January 08, 2007

Shout it from the rooftops!!!

I couldn't have better news to share! In December, I had surgery to straighten my eyes and they look SO GOOD now! Not only that, but my teachers at school seem to think that I am looking better at things all the time. I had some time off of school around the holidays, and boy did I have fun with Mommy, Daddy and Drew. And man, was it tiring getting back to the daily grind.

But here is the best, best news of all: I had an EEG test done in November, and it says that there was no seizure activity in my brain waves. This is the test that I had that told the doctors that I was having seizures, and now I don't seem to have ANY bad brainwaves any more. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! It could mean that I could stop taking so much medicine, which would be great for me.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for all their thoughts and prayers to get me to this point. You guys rock.


Erin said...

Shout it out, indeed!! Way to go, Connor -- you're going to have your neurologist turning into an optimist before we know it :) See you soon -- aunt erin

meeegan said...

Hurray for you and your excellent brain waves, Connor! We're all very proud of how well you did on your test. And of course, your eyes are beautiful -- I hope you're enjoying feeling them work better now since your successful operation.
Auntie Megan