Friday, January 27, 2006

New year's resolution

This year (well, the rest of it) I resolve to be better about posting here.

January has been very good to us. Connor has now spent more than one year without being admitted to the hospital! This is a big hurdle for us. The 4 hospitalizations in 2004-early 2005 had quite an emotional/mental toll on Lee and I, and we were so pleased to pass by the date that Connor was last a patient at Fairfax Inova Hospital. Only 10 more months, and I'll have my own one year anniversary of that :)

Lee has a birthday, which I'm pretty sure he would not want me to mention, but since he rarely, if ever, checks this blog, I feel safe in reporting. Many members of my family came down to visit and fill in as his parents and sister's family were dealing with our nephew Mac's illness, which unfortunately required a hospital stay as well. We're glad, though, that Mac navigated his time in Richmond at the hospital well and is back home, thriving again. We did get to visit Nana and Poppy prior to that, and have a little birthday for Lee and late Christmas then.

Connor's been having some unexplained behavior in his left arm lately, although it's been many days now since any occurrences, which is a good sign. It's a mirror image of some activity in his right arm last September, and there are a few theories of the reasons behind it. One theory (and Lee's and my favorite one) is that his arms nerve systems are starting to fire up properly, and the neuromuscular electricity is causing, in essence, muscle spasms. His therapists think it may have nothing at all to do with his brain and only a revisiting of the reflux which he suffered from right after birth. We're okay with that theory, too. The doctors seem reluctant to state any theories, although they are trying to warn us that it's more seizure behavior. We're waiting for some responses from them - they have videos of a few episodes to review.

Connor has also been doing excellent work with his therapists - they just completed a six month review of his goals and he is accomplishing, in part or totality, several of the goals we set for this year. He will be 2 in less than two weeks (OH MY GOD!!) and once he passes that, his name is up for pre-school. The pre-school early Head Start programming in Arlington County is well-regarded, and he will receive daily PT and OT from qualified teachers each week day while in school. This will certainly be an uptick in his therapy now, where he gets the qualilty stuff from his therapists once a week, and the jerry-rigged version at daycare and at home when we can.

Okay, I hope this long posting makes up for my terrible showing so far this year. I promise weekly, if not more frequent, postings. Take care out there.


Erin said...

Umm, unless Lee has always existed since the beginning of time, of course he "has" a birthday ... young thing that he is :)

Colleen said...

okay, smarty-pants ;)

meeegan said...

Thanks for the updates! I'm sorry to hear that wee Mac was sick, but glad that he's home and doing well now.

Tripp Hudgins said...

Please keep up the posting. I like to know how things are going in yer neck of dem dere woods.