Monday, October 17, 2005


I don't want ya...I don't need ya...all I got is a photograph...

Tomorrow morning, Connor will have his first formal photograph taken at school. We opted out last year because, well, because we were scared of our reactions to the pictures of him not connecting with the photographer. I won't paint it any other color - it's hard to be around 104 healthy little children who connect with everyone and pick up the 105th, who is Connor. He's blossomed a lot in the last year and his teachers have a plan in place to get him into the process and engaged. And this morning, as I dropped his stuff off in his classroom, I saw a series of photos that they made into a little book of Connor fingerpainting. They actually have the pictures of him painting glued to the paintings themselves. And in the last picture, he is looking up over his shoulder at one of his teachers, Ms. Tiffani, and it's just a lovely photo of him making the connection with her and with what he is doing.

Or at least it looks that way in the photograph. They tell a thousand words, supposedly.


meeegan said...

Next time I'm in town, I would love to accompany you to Connor's school so I can see that book. Of course, I would also love a Connor Wright original fingerpainting.

It's really great that the school shows such positive attention and love to Connor, and gets in gear to line up what he needs to keep growing in all his dimensions!

Besotted Auntie Megan

Courtney said...

About seven and one half years ago I started cutting Dan's hair to help save a little money when we found out that Isabelle was on the way. Some times more than others it has been apparent that we are trying to save some money. Anyways, Dan was asked last week who cuts his hair because it looked "Perfect". I don't think they were lying because it was a total stranger on the metro. So, if you ever need any help, I would be more than willing to help out with the hair cutting. I understand if you prefer if I had more experience with kids. Liam will be my guinea pig in a few months.