Thursday, October 20, 2005

On his own two feet

This week, Megan (the physical therapist) brought a BIG new toy for Connor to work with. It's called a stander, and for lack of a better way to describe it, it looks like the cart they wheeled Hannibal Lechter around on in "Silence of the Lambs" (I'll have...the laaaaaaaaaaaaaahmb). Anyway, the stander is designed to strap across his chest, hips and knees. Once in it, Connor's hip joints get all kinds of new stimulation, for growth, and strengthening, and balance. It's a great, if kind of large, tool.

So last night, Lee decided that before dinner would be stander-time. That lasted three very long, very screamy minutes. We pulled him out and calmed him down, and went immediately on to dinner. After dinner, it was a completely different story. He stood in the stander for more than 5 minutes, looking around and calm. The moral of the story - feeding Connor needs to always be the first thing :)

The amazing thing is, I didn't realize how tall he is until he was standing up. We'll take a picture tonight if he's not Screamy McScreamerson again and I'll post it so the rest of the world can see how tall my boy is!


meeegan said...

Cool! Tall, I can't imagine where he gets that...

(not the therapist)

Colleen said...

it's all the growth cookies. and I know you weren't the therapist. She doesn't have the blog address!