Friday, December 02, 2005


For an early Christmas present, Connor received a peanut ball. It looks (no surprise here) like a peanut, will bulbous ends and a narrow middle. Although the resemblance ends there, as I don't know who would want to eat a giant blue rubber peanut. In any case, we used it for the first time yesterday at therapy. He is not a fan. He has to use it to sit on - straddling the peanut at the narrow-middle point - to work on his sitting and head control. It makes him work very hard, and Connor just isn't into that kind of physical work. Then again, few people are. We also had him kneel (not his favorite thing to do) and lean on the ball with his elbows. This was slightly better received.
In addition to that particular torture, we also started using Chewy Sticks yesterday. Again, exactly as they sound. Chewy rubber tubes that we place in the sides of his mouth to help him increase his jaw strength. This went much better. Kristy, his speech therapist, was impressed that he so rapidly started gnawing on the tube. I, however, was unsurprised. If you put anything in this kiddo's mouth, he will chomp down. Heck, even on my birthday, he managed to bite me on my chin. I had a welt on my chin for almost an hour. I think his jaw strength is fine (especially after my birthday) but I'm not the professional here.
So, on to the weekend and next week!

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meeegan said...

A giant blue rubber elephant?