Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Swing low...sweet beanbag chair

Connor's first Christmas presents have rolled in. He got a swing and stand from his grandparents and it takes up a bit more space than we'd initially anticipated inside. Lucky for us it's an indoor-outdoor piece. If only it were light enough when we got home, we could swing for a few minutes! That will have to wait for March, or so. In the meantime, we can bundle him up on weekends and let him swing for a few minutes, and then come back inside and warm him up by cuddling him in the beanbag chair which he got from his grandparents on the other side! The swing is helping him learn balance, and that carries right into the beanbag chair, where if he shifts, he changes his balance! I'm sure he never thought that sitting down would be therapy, but there you have it...

I'll take some pictures of him in both the swing and chair in the next few days once the fam's arrived for the holidays and there will be extra hands on deck!

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