Thursday, September 29, 2005

Doctor, Doctor - give me the news!

Okay, so the news is in, and it's not good, not bad, not really indicative of anything.

Connor's MRI showed some new "changes". We spoke with Dr. Fox first. Dr. Fox is Connor's pediatrician and possibly my favorite person outside my family. He has truly invested himself into Connor's well being. We will never move as long as Dr. Fox is here and willing to be Connor's doctor. He told us the results and gave us, to be honest, a pretty grim view on the long-term possibilities for Connor. His call was immediately followed by one from Dr. McClintock, Connor's pediatric neurologist. His description of the results were identical. His interpretation, the opposite. He believes that the "changes" that took place are not related to nor affect Connor's condition, and said that the Magnetic Spectroscopy was good. So basically, Connor's brain isn't completely normal, but we knew that already. And we are still encouraged by his progress (see previous posting regarding his hands). So - status quo. We've got no closure, but we've also still got reason to believe and hope for the best!

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meeegan said...

Thank you for sharing the update here! I agree with and support your choice to take the bright view. I'm thinking I may have some chocolate pudding in Connor's honor tonight... but I'll probably use a spoon.