Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chunkin, a Hands-On little boy

So, I missed the doctor's call yesterday. Connor told me the whole way home how uncool it was of me to miss the call. It's not my fault! My cell phone lost signal in my office. My excuses meant nothing to him. He guh-ed at me the whole way out Constitution and 66.

Connor has started to do something very significant - he tries to eat his fists ALL THE TIME now. It's like his hands are chocolate-flavored, which in all honesty they sometimes are, thanks to pudding. But this hand awareness is a major, major cognitive development for him. It took a little time to get used to it. Let's say it this way - he used to be WAY easier to keep clean! But even when he smears peas up into his eyebrows, I am now delighted because it means he's figuring out how those things at the ends of his arms can work for him. he even uses his arms and hands to push some more when he has tummy time, too. Could crawling come? We're not sure, but we are hopeful. And we leave him on his tummy for way more time than he has any interest in. So to calm him down, we give him pudding...

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