Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Break

We're all on spring break these days. We started ours off by flying to visit Shannon & Todd in Chicago. It was windy and a bit chilly but not bad, considering. They live in a nice 3 bedroom place 4 flights up. There's no chance we could have traveled there with Connor and stayed with them. Just getting him up and down the stairs would have taken 20 minutes and exceptional coordination (one adult per flight, maybe?) Of course, if we'd had to, we would have. It's what we always did. He probably would have loved chopped up deep dish pizza. He loved big flavors. But the wind would have bothered Connor too, and feeding him from the hot dog stand by the Field Museum? Impossible. He would have enjoyed seeing some of the exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry probably. I'm so glad we were able to go and share time with Shannon & Todd, and see about 1% of the awesome stuff we could go see there. Looking forward to another trip there, maybe in the summer time next time!

We went to the nursery today to get plants for this year's memorial garden. The boys selected a yellow jasmine plant, hyacinths, and some orange flowers I've never heard of. Oh, and Gerbera daisies, my favorite. I also grabbed a beautiful (in my opinion) hydrangea bush. I really hope it flourishes. The honeysuckle vine from Megan and Tlaloc and the lavender from Shannon and Todd are still going strong.  The butterfly bush from my parents and the lilac bush from Erin are resurging after a long and weird winter. It's 60 degrees! It's below freezing and snowing for 36 hours!  It's 60 degrees again!

Tucker also wants to try growing corn, so we bought corn seeds. I'll let you know how the garden grows (on the side - no food items in the memorial garden). The cherry trees here in DC have reached their peak, and the air on my block is filled with small white petals floating down in the breeze now. It reminds me a bit too much of snow but the warm air helps...some.

So this weekend, during Easter, we will plant some new life in Connor's garden. It seems like a very good way to celebrate Easter and to remember him a little more than usual. If you get a chance, plant a seed for him. I know he'll rain down, and shine down, on those plants for you.

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