Tuesday, March 01, 2016


It's a time honored tradition...you snoop in your sibling's stuff...your parent finds something you carefully hid...to snoop is human nature. But beware...you will almost always find something you don't want to see.

Today, I was the parent reader in Tucker's class. I love his class, and I'm happy to have the chance to be with him. Because the younger boys went to a cooperative preschool, we knew their classmates (and their classmates' families) really well and I miss knowing everyone.

I arrived today and waited at Tucker's desk for the class to return from PE. In that time honored tradition...I started shifting through the mess inside his desk. First, I got his reading books all piled together. Then I pulled out his Reading and Writing notebook. There were many pages in a row of what must be work related to classroom materials. I held the book in my hand, and it opened to a page almost midway through the composition book naturally. There, 20 pages beyond his classwork, was this:

I think this is what he wrote:

Connor's Dath (death)
It was a normal day.
my dad got up
he discovered Connor was dead.
He started to cry.
Me and my brother got up.
(Unintelligible) on the floor was my dad sobbing.

My poor littlest man. But what en elegant expression from a 6 year old (who was a 4 year old when this happened!) There was a check-mark next to it, which means I think his teacher saw the work. I'm glad I saw it, but wish I hadn't, also.

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