Friday, December 18, 2015


Sometimes, if you think about it, the world is a pretty tumultuous place. I mean, we are barraged nowadays with bad news. Paris. San Bernadino. Politicians attacking citizens, Americans, because of their faith.  It's easy to feel rolled over.

This past weekend, I headed out to sit around and watch movies and commiserate with one of my oldest friends. She's an anchor to me, and as I drove the three hours home I started thinking about anchors as a positive thing. Because if you are really, really lucky, like a large ship or even a supertanker, you have multiple anchors. When you need those anchors, you reallyneed them. They steady you in the storm, and keep you from getting as battered as you would if you were bobbing along.

So with all the tumult going on, let's remember where our anchors are, and let them know we are their anchors as well.  The parent or parents you rely on. The siblings you don't live with or near any more. The friends in your particular village. The friends from your history who remember who you were and how you got to where you are.

Find your anchors and take care of them.

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