Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A little gift

On Christmas morning, we had the traditional raucous early morning shenanigans with the boys. Joy was delivered. Fun was delivered. 

When the dust settled some, Lee went out to ride his bike, the boys spread out to build new Lego sets and play new video games, and Lee's parents headed to our next destination, Richmond. I sat in my pjs in the living room, drinking coffee and contemplating Christmas, and in my peripheral vision I saw an ornament fall off the tree and float down. It was a school special - foam casing and holiday photo, so no breaking occurred.

It was the last Christmas ornament made by Connor which fell. In it, he is wearing a Santa hat and beard.

I carefully picked it back up, said hello and Merry Christmas, and put him back on the tree. Then I sat back down and contemplated visits from heaven, and was overwhelmed with all the feelings one should have when your windless living room has an ornament fall off a tree when I am there, and sipped my coffee and managed not to cry.

Overall, it was a magical Christmas.

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