Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Thanks Be...

Thanks be to so many people.

I know I am late with an expression of thanksgiving and gratefulness, but it's not easy putting everything into words sometimes.  It takes a lot of mental chewing.

I'm thankful that I'm partnered up with Lee Wright.  It may be a joke in his family that he's stubborn and is incapable of giving up, but that exact trait is what got us from where we were to where we are and kept us together.

I'm thankful that Drew and Tucker are experiencing new things every day, and taking most of them in stride.  Many times, they even seem to be enjoying them.

I'm thankful that this dreadful year has brought me so much closer to so many, and rekindled older acquaintances into real, blooming friendships again.

I'm thankful to be healthy again after my unexpected skin setback.

I'm thankful that none of you expect me to be my absolute best-everything-is-totally-okay all the time, because more than ever that's just not sustainable.

I'm thankful, truly, that my sweet Connor isn't struggling to live in his tethered world anymore, and instead is free to roam in our hearts and imaginations.  While I miss him terribly, I know he is safe, and whole, and good, and looking out for me.

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