Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Just a quick note

It's the season, and the cards have started trickling in to our home.  I don't think we'll be doing a card this year, all, and it's not a reflection of how we feel about you, or that we just don't care.  We're quite busy trying to make it through these next few weeks without being total messes.

Each of the cards makes me so happy.  I see how wonderful your children are, and how they have grown.  I see how you've had good years.  I feel, in my bones, that you are still there with us, especially with the short, handwritten notes letting us know how often you think of us, and that you hope we have a happy holiday to wrap up this incontrovertibly blech year.

I want you to know that we are definitely trying.  Whether or not we succeed?  Well, only time will tell.

Thanks for sending your cards to us.  Keep them coming.

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KCheb said...

Getting through this first Christmas is going to be hard. I don't think my parents sent cards the year after my brother died, and when they finally started sending them, we just signed it "The Chebras" because my parents didn't want his name to be missing. And that is completely OK. The holidays will always be bittersweet but they do get better. And you are allowed to take your time and do what feels right for you. No guilt. Sending love from Boston.