Monday, July 15, 2013

It's been so loooooooooooooooong!

Apologies for the absence...we had some travel that didn't go quite as smoothly as we wanted, and then recovery, and then, you know, life.

But we're back.  Connor has started summer school, his last weeks in the old school before his transition to his new school in the fall.  It appears to be going well - the notes from his teacher are telling me that he's engaged and making friends with new classmates-to-be, and I can tell that his IEP goals are being pursued even in summer school.  He's tired in the afternoon, so they must be making him work hard during the mornings!

The other boys were intrepid travelers. For boys who had only flown 90 minutes at a time before (Drew) or not at all, to manage the 20+ cumulative hours of flying with relatively calm demeanors, sitting placidly with their seatbelts on, and most importantly, not screaming, is pretty impressive. We had several screamers around us on our way home.  At one point, I lifted my head over the boys to catch Lee's eyes, and I mouthed to him, "Our kids?  They are pretty awesome," and he nodded. 

Now I'm trying to get re-upped with work, which was insanely busy before I left, and now has slowed down so much I'm at a loss as to how to reboot it.  But I'm trying, and will have it figured out soon.

I've also been asked to write a guest blog for an old and dear friend, and I'm terrified.  But I said yes.  Time to face the fears and write the piece.  Well, take a different thing I've been writing and remodel it for his use. Keep you posted.

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