Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tomorrow is IT!

Last day at his school.  Next year, some of his classmates (and his teacher from this year) will be with him at his new school.  I will miss the teachers and the students we won't see.  I am delighted that he will have the same teacher.  She has worked so hard with Connor this year, and you can tell he's getting better at expressing his choices with the constant work.

I will not miss the stupid nurses, the insensitive administration - I am happy to let them roll off my back. 

Most of all, I will miss the children I haven't met at the school because they always embraced Connor and his classmates.  The future students of the school we are leaving will be missing out.  BIG TIME.

Enjoy the first night of summer, and tomorrow (for those of you here) the last day of school. 

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