Thursday, April 18, 2013

More on Glee and how it mishandled last week's episode

I've had some additional thoughts that I wanted to get down before they escaped me. What really bothered me, after a little reflection, is that Glee had a chance to take on the gargantuan topic of how we handle students and other individuals who are special needs when they "age out". It would have likely been simplified, but at least it could have started a dialogue about it amongst their viewers about what we do as a citizenry. Instead, they cheapened a character who is truly in a class of her own, and rendered their advertisements of the episode handling shooters in school toothless.

My son receives a lot of services. I probably couldn't account for them all as they have been with us for so long I don't even notice them anymore. I am grateful every single day that we have support for things like his therapies, his durable medical equipment pieces, even his medications. He's had somewhat underwritten therapy since the week after he was diagnosed. It can take a lot to fight for his DMEs, but we fight and we get them, eventually. Our various health insurance carriers have worked with us regarding his medications, and we have Medicaid to cover him when insurance won't cover it.

Yet, when we were informed that we had to go to court when he turns 18 (assuming he gets there) to have him declared incompetent so that we could retain guardianship over him it was a shock. Hadn't occurred at all. That was a rough meeting. Connor's personality is subtle, so I cannot imagine what it's like for a parent of a vivacious, loving DS child having to consider what will happen once their son or daughter won't have school to attend? When their friends go away to college?

Families with DS children are my heroes. They handle so much more than I do. To see them diminished by this program makes me angry, energized, and bloggy.

So thank you for reading my thoughts. There may be more to come, but that is all for tonight.

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