Monday, October 16, 2006

My first full week as a big brother

Wow. Can Drew cry in the night! He keeps Mommy up a lot, but he's growing a LOT faster than they expected, so he needs all that food to keep getting bigger. He's pretty quiet and looks around a lot, otherwise.

I went back to school last week and had my best week yet, according to my teacher. They were very pleased and wrote a lot of notes home to Mommy and Daddy about how well I was doing. I even learned to bowl, and got a strike in my first try! That's what this picture is - me learning to bowl. I'll have to teach Drew when he gets a little bigger...


Erin said...

I'm sure that Daddy and Mommy would love to hear the rumble of bowling balls in the house ... how about duckpins instead?

meeegan said...

That sounds like fun, Connor! I sometimes go bowling with my grown-up friends. It would be cool to bowl with you too, when I come visit.

kisses and hugs,
Auntie Megan