Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gait Trainer

So in addition to Connor's new stander (arrival date TBD, but soon!) Ms. Megan has been bringing something called a gait trainer to therapy as well. It's somewhat similar to a stander but it is on casters, and will move with him and continue to support him, should he choose to move. So far, he's pushed himself backwards on it, but he is lifting up his left leg as though he were trying to take a step while supported in this machine. It's pretty cool looking, and very exciting to see him figuring out one leg at a time.

We also have the Eligibility Meeting for preschool on April 18. We expect to know then which class Connor is going to be assigned to, either at Reed or Ashlawn school. I'll certainly keep people apprised here of his school plans so we can coordinate the school colors into our daily outfit choices. Or something to that effect. Maybe bumper stickers that say "Connor goes to (BLANK) School" for everyone?


meeegan said...

Pictures! We need pictures!

Colleen said...

but we don't have any pictures yet

meeegan said...

That's okay, I'll look forward to them later.