Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend Fun!

Late last week, Lee went to Europe for a 10-day trip with school. Well, really, his school time is only 7 days, but with time difference and jet-lag-depleting days built in, it comes to 10. Anyway, Connor and I decided that a long weekend spent at "SpoilLand", aka, my parents' home in Wilmington, DE, was the right way to go. I mean, who wants to be a single parent for 10 days when it's just not necessary?

Anyway, so Thursday, after Connor's PT and ST evaluation for preschool, we packed up and headed north. A few words on the eval. They. Love. Him. He was Mr. Personality and the teachers at both schools he is eligible for are just over the moon with him. They atmosphere is so much like his current daycare that we think this will be a really good thing. And then, on top of all that, I was sitting there answering their questions when the PT asked me, "You look familiar to me - do you know me?" I had to admit not, and that she probably knew me from the halcyon days of the Nose. That, in fact, was that case, and all the women in the room with me found that to be completely interesting. I reminded them that we were there for Connor. Oops. Anyway, so much for that.

Anyway, we drove home, and I MISSED the DUKE-LSU game. I was quite unhappy about that. I mean, really! We spent Friday and Saturday visiting with folks (friends and family who came to see my little guy, and even sometimes to see me) and relaxing. But two exciting things happened!! First of all, on Friday morning, Connor pushed himself off the sofa. Once it was established that he wasn't actually injured, only scared and a little bumped around, there was much rejoicing because he's never done that before, and it's a BIG muscle output for him. (As a side note, Lee was very unhappy with me about that, even though I pointed out that Connor did it to himself, not someone doing it to him.) Then, on Saturday morning, as I was changing his diaper, he planted his left foot against my right shin and pushed himself over from his back to his belly. He's been able to do belly to back for a while, but that was the first time we had back to belly. And, I was treated to an adorable view of his little boy bottom as a reward!

In any case, we're very excited by these new developments, and by the lack of a bump on his noggin.

More later this week - for now I have to go put out some fires in the office...

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meeegan said...

Wow!! Clearly, Connor made a wonderful effort to reward you for taking him to SpoilLand for the weekend. He's a rolling stone now!!