Thursday, March 16, 2006

Nothing to report

I guess that's a good thing, though, isn't it? Connor is still thriving and has become pretty much the most hilarious little boy in the mornings now. He's Mr. Crankypants until he gets about an ounce of milk into himself, and then he magically transforms into Cute Boy Who Loves to Chatter and Kick. I'll be trying to sleep but he's talking so loudly with Lee that I lie awake upstairs and giggle in my sleepiness.

This past weekend, we had LOTS of visitors! Our house was bursting. My parents came to see Connor (and us, too, I suppose) after their first true Retired Couple Trip, to Australia and Tahiti. They brought Connor, among other things, a miniature didgeridoo. What's that? Well, you can learn official things here: Connor's isn't the more traditional, 1+ meter long version. His is only 12 inches or so. As a joke, I told them that he wanted one more than anything. I have yet to learn, apparently, that when I tell my parents outrageous things, they do their best to nail me. You'd think 32+ years of this experience would have taught me something, but this is the latest evidence to the contrary.

In addition to my parents, my best friend from my littlest childhood came to visit with her son, Julian. I don't even know when Michele and I met, because as far back as I can remember, she is there. I know for a fact that couldn't have met prior to 1975, because that is when we moved to Parkersburg, WV, and that is where she lived up until college. However, Michele and I have, against pretty much all the odds, managed to remain in touch through our lives, and eventually married unrelated guys with the same last name and had our first children, both boys, within 4 months of each other. No small feat for women who hadn't been in each other's pockets since I moved away in September, 1981. In any case, Michele and Julian came to see us/meet us and Michele had the extra bonus of seeing more than half my family. It was fun, and really nice to see her and meet her awesome little boy!

And then, because it still wasn't truly a party, Shannon & Todd came up as well. And Erin came over at times as well. At maximum attendance, we had 2 toddlers, 8 adults, and 4 dogs all at the house.

No wonder I am still tired!

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meeegan said...

No doubt! But it sounds like a good time was had by all. I'll look forward to seeing a photo of Connor and the didgeridoo, maybe sometime after the premiere of the sledding movie.