Monday, September 14, 2015

Weight Bearing

Yesterday, I was driving on Telegraph Road and saw a mother and son taking a walk. The mother was, as many parents do, videotaping him on his discovery walk. The reason, though, is more likely because he was in a gait trainer. A gait trainer is a piece of durable medical equipment (DMEs oh how I haven't missed you!) that assists the physically disabled to learn to walk more easily.  This kid was clearly so determined. His toes dragged, but he kept pulling them forward, one after the other, pushing his foot ahead and then moving the other one. I almost pulled over or lowered my window to holler support to him.  But by the time I got home, I was so simultaneously happy and sad I could barely speak. Happy for him and his family!  Sad for missing Connor, though his gait training days were far in the past now. Connor used a gait trainer in pre-K 4/5s, with Robin in her classroom.

Some days, I bet we all wish we had a real or metaphorical gait trainer. Something that helped us stay upright and true and took some of the weight-bearing off so that we could focus on getting one foot in front of the other. So we construct them, out of our networks and our families - the structures that bear us up when we are feeling like we can't hold ourselves upright any more.

Tonight, as I read with Drew, Tucker wrote the following "story":

When I grow up I will be an inventor and create something that will bring people from heaven, especially Connor.

Then he added in that after he finished college he would create a potion that he can give the dog so that the dog can live forever.

However, for the record, he is still okay with me dying when he is 85 (and I am 121).  I imagine I will need something more than a metaphorical gait trainer by then...2094...

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