Friday, May 23, 2014

Connor(s) to the Rescue!

So last week, I had a business transaction that went sideways quickly and at the very end.  I don't want to go into too much detail as to what happened, but it involved one of Connor's teachers, and it showed me once again how present he is in my life.

When things went south, I started calling around to see if there was a company available to fix things that were needed that same day - like IMMEDIATELY.

First call - we can come tomorrow.  Tomorrow is too late.

Second company - let me check and get back to you but it doesn't look good (they never even called back).
Third company - I think we can, let me place you on hold while I confirm for  you.

It was while I was on hold that I realized that I was on the telephone with Connor's Pest Control, and I knew in that instant that it would all get handled and the deal would finalize.  But I waited/paced incessantly while they confirmed the appointments, and then I went and told Connor's teacher, her husband, and everyone at the table what the new plan was.  Then she and I looked at each other, and I said, "The company that's coming is Connor's Pest Control." and we burst into tears together.

Those poor souls at the table with us.  They had no idea why that made us cry.  As she composed herself, I explained and apologized profusely.  It was so unbelievably unprofessional, and I am embarrassed by it. However, I also recognize that it was meant to happen given how that was going, and so I apologized, explained, and moved on.

Later, I sat in their new home, worked with the engineers and technicians, and prayed hard to Connor, thanking him for helping us out.

And when I got home, I drank ALL THE BEER I wanted to.

The next night, I went to see the new Godzilla movie.  I could have used some Connor in that too.  It was such a boring monster movie!  But I think I had used up all my Connor-karma in the previous day.

Just remember - the ones we love who have gone on are still out there in unexpected, often overlooked ways.  Keep your eyes open.  You never know where you will see them.  In rain when it's hot and dry.  In a good day at school for one of his brothers.  In the Pest Control Company that saves your deal.

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