Friday, April 18, 2014


This isn't our first Spring Break, but it's the first one where we've tried to really do something. My dear friend Anne, who dropped everything and rode the train down to be with us that terrible week, has returned with her family in tow. I've known Anne since 1995 - she was my one shining light in a long summer away from all I knew in a beautiful but alien land. To think - it was really just luck. I mean, if she hadn't been out on her porch, and me walking in, how long would it have taken for us to actually meet?  Too long to establish the bond, really.

Anne's first child was born within 24 hours of Connor. Her brave, smart daughter, who said to Anne, "Mom, I want to come with you to the funeral. I feel connected to him because we share such close birthdays."  She and Connor met a handful of times, and all well before her memories started to gel.  What an amazing person she is.

Anyway, Anne and her husband and children are all here, and we are running around, seeing sights, visiting museums, having fun. The boys love having new friends. Honestly, I don't know if Drew will recover from their departure.  I mean,who will play Minecraft with him? (Hopefully no one). And Tucker - finally 5, finally a big boy included in the games.

It's nice to have this break, and to share this place we love with friends who live 7 hours away.

We planned this break together last September. Connor's gift to us all is that we are getting to go places and do things that we couldn't have done with him.  Every day, I have to remind myself that taking advantage of the freedom we have now doesn't dishonor his memory. To the Air and Space Museum, the  Zoo, Mount Vernon. Stuff I wish my boys already felt were rote, boring ideas.

A lot of fun was had this week, and for me, a little more healing. I'll post soon about Tucker's artwork he created today. It deserves it's own place.

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