Tuesday, June 20, 2006

30 days

I am a terrible blogger. Terrible.

See, what happened is this - my office moved, then 14 of my 21 summer clerks started working simultaneously, and suddenly, I barely had time to breathe at the office!

So I'll try to make up for it all here...

Okay, so Connor is a ROCK STAR in his stander. He has done incredibly well, and Miss Megan could not be prouder of him. Within days he was up to 30+ minutes in the stander being all engaged and playful. We are very proud of his progress, which is evidenced by the fact that he will now pull/push himself into a standing position when he has additional support (such as, one of us is holding his hands)!!! It kind of came as a surprise, but a lovely, lovely one. That was the first of June.

He also moved into his big boy twin bed over this past weekend! He takes after his father and is a side sleeper, which is a little disconcerting but we are trying to adapt. We'll go up for bed and he'll be settled in, all snuggled onto his right side. If we move him to his back, within 5 minutes he's back on his side. If the flash weren't going to disturb him, we'd take a picture. Maybe this weekend during a daytime nap. I'll see what I can do. Lee will be in NC at school so my sister, Shannon, is coming to help me while Lee is gone. We had our first true DC summer day last weekend, and I was kind of a wretched lump upon completion. It was saaaaaaaaad. But today we are six months along, and so far everything looks well. The Little Monster inside is very active, but not painfully so. That will come in August/September. We had our first sonogram, and the doctor was very kind and spent a great deal of time on it reassuring us regarding the brain's development and why everything looks to be good right now. Of course, we may never be truly calm about it, but we are trying.

Anyway, we'll be away on vacation soon so I'll try to add one more update before we go in an effort to reinvigorate my NY resolution here!!

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